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Hot Oil Treatment

Posted by Dinali Jay on July 17, 2020

Imagine what your hair will feel and look like when it is Moisturised for the first time in your entire life!

I would apply my favourite, pure natural blend of oil on my scalp and wrap around a towel. This blend of oil is made from Castor Oil, Vitamin E oil and Coconut Oil. I will apply this oil at least once a week, which make me feel extremely refreshed and relaxed during the 30 minutes to one hour before I washed my hair.

Moreover, this oil grew my hair very long and strong. I did not suffer from dandruff, or hair fall or hair thinning. My hair became very thick, strong and long. I would apply this pure magical blend of oil on my hair and sip a cup of warm tea (world’s best tea for hair growth: Gotukola or Horsetail), while wearing a face mask as well.

 I absolutely treasure this 30–60 minutes, because I like to meditate during this time, mostly focusing on my breath and my body I cannot survive a week without this hair care routine, and nourishing my hair from the roots, as I am very much addicted to the benefits I feel from it, in addition to the most relaxing self-care routine that I gift myself at the end of the week.

I most certainly try to avoid the itchy and flaky scalp especially during winter which leads to more hair fall. I try to prevent myself from having to deal with hair fall and the itchiness I suffer from, which is far more annoying than even acne on skin. 

 Whenever my scalp felt itchy, especially over the winter, I would apply the oil to the areas of my scalp that I feel itchy and massage that part of my scalp. It has 100% reduced the itchiness immediately and I didn’t find dandruff after I washed my hair. 

When I applied the oil at least 2–3 times a week, I don’t get any signs of itchiness or dandruff. I would sometimes and most of the time, leave it for 5-6 hours on my self care days. 

I cannot simply tell you how rejuvenating my hair feels after it dries out. You can also leave the oil on your hair overnight for even better and fast results. 

I am writing this as I feel my hair and expressing what I feel. Honestly, I want you all to experience this amazing feeling and relaxation in your life while gaining the most wonderful benefits from it.

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