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Posted by Dinali Jay

There are 4 main reasons why I think that joining me on this grow hair challenge can be a life changing experience and benefit you in numerous ways.

1. Why fall and winter is the most crucial time to take care of your hair?

The first reason is that this is the fall and winter season and I think its the best time to reduce any hair problems you have and grow your hair. Fall and winter is also the time of the year that you can loose more hair.

The Scientific Reason Why You Shed the Most Hair in the Fall and Winter

Experts say, your scalp may simply be reacting to changes in daylight hours. “We believe that the body is responding in some hormonal manner to the changes in the amount of daylight.”

The reason you suffer from an excessive amount of hair loss in the winter is that the dry air outside sucks out all the moisture from your scalp, and makes it dry as well. A dry scalp leads to dry hair and dry hair results in breakage, and hair fall. Don’t only blame the air outside, however. Your home’s heating system could be just as responsible for your hair becoming dry and prone to breakage. You should also note that a dry scalp leads to dandruff, which makes your head feel super itchy and unhealthy. This, coupled with arid air, can cause a significant amount of hair loss in the winter. It’s also best to avoid using heat to style your hair, as dry heat is the last thing your locks need in the winter.

Other Reasons

How to stop hair loss in winter and fall

1. Hot oil Treatment atleast once a week : Keep you hair more hydrated and moisturised
2. Use a deep conditioning mask
3. Limit Heat Styling

Here’s Why Fall and winter is the Perfect Time to Grow out Your Hair

2. How important it is to have everything right for your hair and scalp health?

I speak with so many on a daily basis, who are interested in growing hair and those who are really frustrated about hair loss and other hair problems they are suffering from. So I want to take this as an opportunity, to share weekly tips/secrets to help you do the best thing for your hair and overall wellbeing, as our mind, hair and body are directly related to each other.

I consider doing this very important, because even if you do at least one thing that’s not right by your hair and your scalp, it can cause hair loss and other hair problems. For instance, it’s very important to find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, because most shampoos and conditioners I have used have caused so many hair problems. It’s important to try, test and find the best one for your hair. They have to be applied in the right way too, all of this information will be discussed and made sure that everything we do can help us achieve our dream hair goals.

Three pillars to Hair Growth

There are 3 pillars to hair growth and reduce any hair problems you have. If these pillars are followed, you can have the most perfect scalp health and dream hair for the rest of your life. During this challenge I want to ensure that I help you adapt a routine and be consistent in treating your hair with the most effective ingredients that generations of my family have found after trying and testing so many ingredients and combinations over the years. I want this to be the time that I save you of all the trouble looking for the right ingredients, products, supplements or brands.

3. Majority of the reasons why hair does not grow long, thick or strong is because you fail to properly moisturise your hair with the right ingredients.

Some of the consequences of not properly moisturising your hair are

1. Dry Scalp

2. Scalp Build-Up

3. Dandruff

4. Hair Loss

5. Hair thinning

6. Colour fade

All of this begs the question:

Why would we skip out on moisturising our hair?

During this challenge I will be sharing all the resources and motivating you to regularly moisturise your hair. I want to make sure that you have a routine, that you can fall in love with. You can send in any questions you have via our facebook group

4. Stress and Hormonal changes

One of the main causes of hair loss in women is stress and hormonal changes. When going through different stages of a woman’s life, there are unavoidable causes of hair loss such as stress, menopause, pregnancy and age. The good news is that hair loss from these unavoidable changes in our bodies are not permanent, especially if we have a consistent hair care routine with the combination of the best natural ingredients treating not only your hair, but mind and body too

5 steps to prevent hair loss from stress and hormonal changes

After 4 weeks, you will have strong, thick hair with less to no hair problems. Its only the beginning to your dream hair goals you never thought was possible!

How To Enter The Challenge

1. Sign Up to our Grow Hair Challenge List

When you sign up to our grow hair challenge list, we will be sending you emails with videos or written materials on a weekly basis, which will have information that can help you do the best for your hair. Also if you have any hair problems, we can discuss them via email. Our main mission is to reduce all hair problems you are suffering from and promote hair growth, so by being able to openly discuss any problems you have, we will be able to do this together.

2. Join our Facebook group

In the facebook group you can share your progress photos and to keep you accountable in your grow hair journey. You can also share your self-hair routines and motivate each other while we make sure you are following the best hair routine that you can fall in love with. We also offer some amazing gifts during the course of this challenge. So, join our group to find out more about these gifts and have the most mermazing experience of your life!


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