About Us

How it all began

Welcome to Like a Mermaid hair, the brand was founded in Australia, where we're all about natural beauty and strong women who inspire us. Our journey was inspired when we realized that there are ancient secrets for having healthy, beautiful hair that many people don't know about.

"Like A Mermaid Hair" has dedicated to creating a hair care package that not only addresses hair issues, but also the mind and body. The daily hair problems that many people face, including my own family, reminded me of the challenges my grandmother faced for years. During different stages of a woman's life, there are unavoidable causes of hair loss such as stress, menopause, pregnancy, and age.

My grandmother began using natural ingredients and found a combination of the most effective natural ingredients and techniques that provided unbelievable results. She never had long, healthy hair in her life, but after applying this oil, her hair grew down to her lower back by the time she was 70 years old. Her sudden transformation surprised everyone and they began to inquire about the secret to her newfound hair health.

My mother was also inspired by this change and started incorporating a consistent hair care routine. After just 6 months, her hair had grown 15 inches and was also below her lower back. The most important thing was that her hair was now strong, shiny, and healthy.

before after - grow hair oil

My mother's hair growth was measured at 15 inches in a period of 6 months. 

about me founder creator of Like A Mermaid Hair

My hair has been a central part of my identity since I can remember. I have always been referred to as the girl with the long hair

I have always been passionate about maintaining beautiful hair. Whenever I meet someone for the first time, they often ask me what shampoo I use, if I wear extensions, and how I grow my hair. These questions inspired me to share my secrets with the world and with my loved ones. My goal is to inspire and motivate others to grow healthy and strong hair, whether it be long or short.

Centuries ago, women made hair oiling a part of their daily routine. They knew how to combine a few simple ingredients to strengthen their hair and make it thick and resilient. As someone who has had long, thick hair my entire life, I understand what it takes to have strong hair that can last a lifetime.

Dinali (founder/creator of Like a Mermaid hair)

Discovering Old Solutions:

To help others, our founder went on a journey to find out how to take care of hair the natural way. She learned about age-old remedies from an island called Ceylon as well as ancient Europe. These remedies are simple but very effective. They have been used for generations and could make a big difference in how your hair looks and feels.

Our Founder's Amazing Journey:

Our founder decided to test these natural remedies on her own hair. She cut her long hair short not once, not twice, but three times. Each time, she used these simple secrets, and her hair grew back even longer and healthier. In just 32 years, she did this three times!

“Over 32 years and more, I have faced hormonal changes, severe health issues, and stress, while living in several continent from Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. Despite facing challenges from health issues as well as climate and environment changes, I firmly believe that the products we use to nourish the hair should be powerful enough to make our hair so strong that it can withstand any obstacle our body faces. We need a HAIR CARE SYSTEM that can grow strong, thick hair, no matter what our body and mind are going through. This is the key to achieving long-lasting, lifelong results.” Dinali (founder/creator of Like a Mermaid hair)

Confidence in Your Hair:

If you follow a consistent hair care routine for at least a year, you won't have to worry about your hair anymore. You can always feel confident in your hair because there will never be bad hair days.

“Even after neglecting my hair for almost a year, it remains thick and strong. That's why I believe in using a solution that can deliver long-lasting results with minimal effort.” Dinali (founder/creator of Like a Mermaid hair)

The Promise

I want to be transparent and authentic with you. I don't want to be just another e-commerce brand that is run by automated responses. I want to be accountable and genuine, and be there with you every step of the way, sharing my secrets and inspiring you to care for your hair as much as you do for your skin. Good hair can make you feel incredibly confident. That's why I believe that empowered women empower each other, and that's what my brand is all about. We aim to empower you to feel confident as you adopt a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, because you deserve to be the best version of yourself. Thank you for your trust in our brand. We are here to serve and honor you. If you need any support on your journey, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Dinali - Founder and Creator"


Our Community:

Since Like a Mermaid hair began, we've met many incredible women who've had tremendous results using our products. Their stories show how well our natural remedies work and how they can boost your self-confidence.

At Like a Mermaid hair, we're not just a hair care brand; we're a community. We believe in the power of natural beauty, and we're here to help you discover it. Join us on this exciting journey, unleash your inner beauty, and get the hair you've always wanted with our natural solutions.


How do we make our products?

We initiated our production line in Poland, following thorough testing of our products. Our 'Grow Hair Box' is crafted by hand at home, and our 'Grow Hair Oil' and 'Grow Hair Tea' are packaged with the utmost care in the cleanest and safest of factory spaces. Our products are shipped globally from Poland. We chose to relocate our production line to Poland as it offers easier worldwide shipping, and because the main ingredient in our 'Grow Hair Tea' primarily grows in Western Europe.

Making of our handmade wooden boxes- Like a Mermaid Hair Boxes

Packing Your Grow Hair Box 

 packing your grow hair box