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Why should we create a consistent habit of a Hair Care Routine at least once a week?

Posted by Dinali Jay on July 1, 2020

Consider this: When it comes to our face, we are taught to use SPF, get monthly facials, and exfoliate frequently. The importance of various skin care routines, that we hear about from celebrity profiles, to 11 step Korean methods, there are endless discussions and debates on skin care rituals. But where is the same emphasis when it comes to hair care and hair care routines?

Similar to how we take care of our skin, our hair requires just as much maintenance.

Why should we have a consistent habit of a hair care routine?

Hair condition is a reflection of our health….

A number of hair experts believe that our hair condition is a reflection of our health. It can be used as an indicator that tells you whether or not you are consuming and processing essential nutrients that your body requires. In fact hair care should not be just a routine, it should be a regimen. It is important to note that although skin and hair are both primarily made of protein, skin is biologically active and regenerating, whereas the protein structure in your hair is dead.

                                                              HAPPY HAIR HAPPY LIFE!

                          Give yourself atleast one hour of self love per week- Priorotise yourself!

                        Taking care of your hair means you are taking care of mind and body too!

Stress and hormonal changes

Some of the most common causes of hair loss are caused as a result of stress and hormonal levels in women especially during pregnancy, postpartum, menopause etc. Women are faced with stress and hormonal changes on a daily basis in their life cycle. Therefore, it is of utmost important to create a habit of a hair care/self love routine at least once a week to have healthy hair for life. This hair routine, should be a routine that treat not only your hair, but mind and body too.

Lack of Moisture

Majority of the reasons why hair does not grow long, thick or strong is because you fail to properly moisturise your hair with the right ingredients. Some of the consequences of not properly moisturising your hair are:

1. Dry Scalp

2. Scalp Build-Up

3. Dandruff

4. Hair Loss

5. Hair thinning

6. Colour fade

Personally, some of these hair problems are worse than even acne on my skin, as it can be very irritating and uncomfortable throughout the day.

All of this begs the question:

                    “Why would we skip out on moisturising our hair? ”

This is another reason why we all need to create a habit of a hair care routine at least once a week, because in order to give our hair the moisture it requires, we must make sure we moisturise with the right ingredients consistently. 

 In this guide, I will share with you how I maintain a top notch hair care routine that you can fall absolutely in love with, and why it is important to add it to your lifestyle. When you have a self love/hair care routine that you are in love with and looking forward to, at the end of the week, it is easy to make that a habit, because you love it!

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