Inspired by generations of Family Traditions, the ONLY solution to overcome all hair problems, from climate, water, environment, stress and hormonal changes! How I had long hair my whole life! Dinali (Like a Mermaid Hair Founder/Creator)
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"I can't believe the difference in my hair!! it's stronger than it's ever been and there's hardly any hair loss when I brush my hair and that is HUGE considering our hair lineage is known for hair loss! I'm so grateful I discovered you and continued the hair journey!! Thank you for making an awesomely simple product that has REAL results"😍✨Mermaid Analise

Strong and long hair forever for all swimmers, surfers and mermaids while protecting from salt/chlorine water

Grow hair long and healthy to last a lifetime!

In just one use, reduce all your hair problems now, no matter what age or background you are …

Strong Mission

We have a strong mission to reduce all hair problems faced by women due to not only stress and hormonal changes but climate, water and environmental changes..and help everyone have healthy and strong hair for the rest of their lives!

Main reason for most hair problems

Most hair problems are caused due to stress and hormonal changes in women, in addition to the climate and environmental changes. We are exposed to these changes on a daily basis, so it’s very important to take care of our hair atleast once every week consistently

The Problem

It is confusing when there are many information online, oils, supplements, and many brands claiming to grow hair and reduce hair problems we face on a daily basis. But they are making the process of hair care EXTREMELY difficult. YOU DONT NEED TO HAVE SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY AND USE INGREDIENTS IN YOUR KITCHEN to have healthy and strong hair.

Our Goal

It is very important to know the right proportions, and the most suitable ingredients that strengthen each other's properties. All you need is overall 5 minutes a week! Our main goal is to inspire and encourage you to add a consistent self-hair routine with the most effective ingredients to your lifestyle. We provide a routine that you can fall in love with and look forward to every week so you are consistent in taking care of your hair.

Why Us?

We have the most effective ingredients tried and tested for generations and proven to be the most effective way to reduce all hair problems and promote hair growth. The combination of ingredients in their SECRET proportions are made to strengthen the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth 3-8 times the normal rate. Any hair problems you have will be reduced in just ONE use. This will give you the most healthy, strong, thick and naturally long and gorgeous hair that can last a lifetime. So you can reveal your natural confidence without relying on hair extensions and anything that make you uncomfortable.

Story of Inspiration

"My grandmother did not have long or healthy hair her whole life, she had short hair just below her shoulder and was suffering with many hair problems throughout her life. She tried and tested different natural ingredients when she finally found the best way to grow hair and eliminate all hair problems. At the age of 70, she grew her hair below her lower back. She surprised everyone with her long hair in few months and everyone started asking how her hair was in such good condition. My mother was very excited by this transformation. She started following a consistent hair care routine, using perfect combination of natural ingredients and exactly after 6 months her hair was below her lower back. The most important thing about this hair routine is that it made her hair very strong, shiny and healthy. I was inspired to take care of my hair and adapt these secrets in to my life. Now I am loving this hair care/self-love routine and I am looking forward to it every week. This made me feel like I was always blessed with beautiful hair."
(Dinali - founder)


We are 100% pure natural, vegan, cruelty free and always will be! 💚🐘 🍃

Imagine what your hair will feel and look like when it is Moisturised for the first time in your entire life! Whether you want your hair, to be short or long, but more importantly it will be healthy and strong!

So many compliments from friends, strangers and even my hairdresser!

Grow Hair Routines to add to your lifestyle every week. We want everyone to have a routine that you can fall in LOVE with....helping you be consistent

Why they love our grow hair oil💖…..

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